Why Are Narcissists So Dangerous For Us?

Why Narcissists So Dangerous For Us

For example – They might feel they have a special relationship with God, they may hear God’s voice. They might also believe that they are destined to be the leader of the world, despite having no leadership experience and difficulties in interpersonal relationships.

According to a  2006 study it has been found that other mental health factors can alter the content of a person with schizophrenia’s delusions. People with higher self-esteem and less depression were more likely to have delusions of grandeur, while people with low self-esteem and depression were more likely to have delusions of persecution.

How this is dangerous for us –

A narcissist delusion of grandeur makes him disregard the entire being of other individuals. They look down on others, have high temper tantrums. Narcissists are dangerous because they may continue to believe in the delusion in spite of contradictory evidence and it marks a significant disconnection from the real world.

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2) Bad Boundaries –

They do not recognize that they have boundaries and that others are separate and are not extensions of themselves. Others either exist to satisfy their needs or may also not exist in the least . People who are narcissists don’t understand the concept that two people have separate identities, with separate thoughts, feelings, motivations, dreams, ideas, goals and rights.In the mind of a narcissist, there is no boundary between self and other.

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For example – A narcissist may speak inappropriately about her husband or son, revealing information that a normal wife or mother would never share publicly, such as comments about their bodies.

How this is dangerous for us –

Narcissists  are dangerous because they may get angry when we try to share our own boundaries and at times it is not possible to know that they are actually trying to manipulate us. They like to steamroll over others to get what they want and mostly live in the power dimension without the corrective balance of mindfulness and heart.

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3) Perfect Image –

According to many researchers people who are high in narcissism tend to be high on perfectionism. People who are high on grandiose narcissism shows an unusual degree of self-preoccupation with looking better than everyone else. They are more inclined to pursue a perfect image of themselves without compromising their self-esteem, and derive pleasure from their efforts.

How this is dangerous for us –

Narcissistic perfectionist parents may create self loathing children. The voice of a narcissistic perfectionist drowns out logic—and when that happens, it is not pretty. They demand perfection of those around them in a very critical way because they get a sense of vitality or self-esteem through the perfect performance of other people, and they bask in that glow vicariously.

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4) Entitlement –

They basically hold unreasonable expectations of particularly favorable treatment and automatic compliance because they consider themselves special. In their magical world narcissists always come first and in this type of delusion they tend to explode when people don’t bow to their wishes.

For example – Receiving a bigger handful of candy than the other children at a holiday party or a paycheck that is larger than what comparable individuals earn. Individuals with high levels of narcissistic entitlement might demand the simplest seat at a restaurant or to not need to wait in line when everyone else does.

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