Love Isn’t The Answer

Why is love so hyped up? Whenever I think of love it brings a smile to my otherwise sad face but then it reverts my mind to the thought that it isn’t the answer. Lovers one day have to part away.

However beautiful, it ends. It reminds me of death. Nothing I believe is the answer which can be ended by death. I seek something else, something which stays with you beyond even death. I seek something more than life. I seek eternity itself, as serene as a blue sky.

Sometimes you can stand on the great heights of the shoulders of great men and see far away, much farther than the people standing on their own feet. I try to stand on those heights, at least that’s what I believe, and I see far away, but the problem is that everything is blurred. I do not understand what I see. Nothing. I understand nothing of what I see.

I use to grope for things in this blurred vision, but now I just wait. I have closed my eyes. And I wait.

-By Chetan H Harjani

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