Why Is Your Zodiac Sign Still Single?

Why Are They STILL Single

Why Are They STILL Single?

Aries: Moody, can we say sometimes ready to bite someone’s face off?

Taurus: Stubborn to the core and also loves food way more than a real relationship

Gemini: Not committed and doesn’t have the time to nurture a relationship

Cancer: Way too busy watching chick flicks and crying

Leo: They can’t seem to find anyone as perfect as they are

Virgo: Still waiting for their knight or princess to come and save them

Libra: Jealous, jealous, jealous

Scorpio: Cannot trust ANYONE!

Sagittarius: Drinks a bit too much and has no idea what they want

Capricorn: Too serious about everything

Aquarius: WAY TOO sensitive and weird

Pisces: No relationship could match their daydreams


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