Why Is She Single?

Why Is She Single

Him: why is she single?

Them: because she no longer settles. She has standards and speaks for principles that sound too alien for our days. A broad mind that is only open for the logical. A heart too big yet it only lets in the honest ones. An active mind with an upbeat structure. The ability to see through peoples words and labels and accounts them responsible for their actions.

She is single because she appreciates the fights and is on top of her shit with no baggage to hold her down nor ego to float her up. She is wild, fierce, free, radical, dreamy, able, fun, compassionate, adaptable, responsible, supportive, takes initiative and most importantly she knows what she wants, what she would never live with, she voices her thoughts and emotions loud and takes no bull-shit. She is not scared of failure or criticism. She forgives, forgets, licks her own wounds and leaps with faith towards the unknown. She listens to her inner voice and trusts her guts. She is a fearless warrior who transforms the punches to chances. She knows the value of time, grants it abundantly and wastes none.

She looks life in the eyes and says: I love you life… and I will not let you go.

She is single because those who dreamt of her are the most intimidated by the reality of her existence! They want it but don’t know how to deal with it. They want to get close but are scared of being consumed by this vivid energy. They want to embrace it but are too worried of being overtaken by her layers. They fear how they have all the reasons to stay and need to make up the excuses to leave. They walk out on her because they no longer need to lie and they don’t know how to live with that.

They are so familiar with this dream but never thought was possible… they deny her existence because it challenges them; they cling to their comfort zone and believing they are miserably unworthy of a dream come true.

Him: So she is single because she is a chance at life they don’t have the courage to take. They fear failing to give her as much life as she brings!

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