I must look pretty unhinged writing with my eyes closed. It began spontaneously one day when I was uninspired and looking to silence the ego mind, with its opinions on what I should or shouldn’t write.

I sensed a deep pool of knowledge, vast and powerful. I was sure if I found it, I’d be more satisfied with the words landing on the page. The pool was familiar; I’d dipped my toe in a few times before. But to get there on purpose? No, I didn’t have a strategy for that.

But that day was different – I sat down to write with a mind blank of ideas and waited.  At some point, I vaguely remember, the room grew dark and the glare of the screen vanished. And there were my fingers, tapping away, seemingly without instruction. You know when you get lucky with a broken USB cable? It was like that – an unseen connection had struck and files were ready for transfer. Words gushed between the keyboard and I, surprising me with every sentence. I didn’t know what was coming until it arrived in black and white – each word a revelation.

From where was I downloading? With my sight disabled, my other senses were heightened; I turned my awareness within.

The words were coming from the right.

And boom, I had figured out a secret access route! I tested it out again and again. Yes – with open eyes my words came from the left – a product of the nagging ego mind spitting thoughts onto paper. But the right was different. There was a flow; a trickle and then a stream of words, revelations and surprises that surged from some kind of spiritual ethernet. I was aware of the left, sitting quiet and sulken like a reprimanded child whilst the right burst through with more and more. At times, it felt like I wasn’t writing at all but reading a creative flow coming from something other than the person I knew as ‘me’. What had I found? – the infinite consciousness that we collectively form perhaps? The spark of life shared by every human, animal, ocean and flower?

Yes, I believe so – I found the well of knowledge and truth inside us all. There’s nothing the Soul doesn’t know, you know. With life, it similarly wishes to experience what it knows. We’re born into the world, draw our first gasp of air and we forget! We forget who we are…. the divinity within. And the amnesia is the most perfect design, for the Soul yearns to start each lifetime with a clean slate on which to learn and grow.

The knowledge of the Soul is constant, perfect and complete. The human experience is ever-changing, messy and chaotic. If life is about remembering what we already know, how do we remember?

We remember through our experiences.

It’s the whole gamut – despair and bliss, joy and jealousy. It’s the broken heart and its healing. It’s the child who shreds our patience and the boss who tests our nerve. It’s the lover who lifts us high and the compassion that draws us close.

That day at my computer, I tapped in to an infinite well of pure knowing.

It came from the right. It came from the soul.

Come on in, the water’s perfect.