Why I can’t See The Light?

I woke up yesterday and sun is new to my eyes

I didn’t know what will happen tomorrow as it will come with surprise

I didn’t know who were with me as now I’m alone

I’m not surprised as adulthood gifted only an image that without me is like a stone

My image in mirror imitates me and copies whatever I do

And the only thing that will stand with me no matter whatever I’ll choose

The sun rays are too bright for my eyes that had mostly lived with dark walls

Who felt emptiness even the feet around me were with whom I had most walked

I grew up with critics’ opinions and sarcasms which tried to pull the ladder I made

So I would fall before reaching my destination or rather they wanted me to fail

Sun then showed up and showed me the direction to the woods so I would find a cave

Where animals would be many but would not imitate as if they are my close mates

I learnt every move which made me fall; I learnt every word which told me to stop

I know how to cry and forget the planned pits and that’s why I had survived

Because tears are endless but they would never help you to win a fight

As when the fight is with your reflection so you need to hide your fears

As vulnerabilities showcases your wounds which would easily tear

So I acted as I’m not afraid of the dark surroundings and started digging to face the sun

As it always hides behind the walls of pain whenever clock had turned

Hence I’m now searching for the sun in my reflection so I won’t require holes to see the rays

So I can remove the mist which stops me from seeing the present day






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