Love? Of course, but what then when the first crush fades? What remains? Respect? Of course, but why should we respect our women today? What do they bring to the table other than fake eyelashes and tattooed eyebrows? What talents do they have? I will help you think.  Every women in 18th century knew how to read, write, play music, sing and dance. They also knew a lot about history, literature and spoke at least 3 languages. Those were the women who were respected and married. Why? Well, because they brought to the table laughter, intelligence and elegance. Now if we look app on the women in 21th century it is obvious why there are no gentleman left. Because there are no ladies left. The lack of elegance and grace is so enormous that it hurts my soul. I am not saying that women should be elegant to get married. Not at all. They should read, write and learn because of their children. If not, we are just raising new fake eyelashed women who walk this earth like zombies without realizing that they have all the power of the next generations to come. And men? They are becoming oblivious of what they realy are. They cant even decide if they like women more than men or. They just hate everybody the same and waste their lifes in bars. I dont say we should remain in the past but this is no future eighter.

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