Why Can’t I See You In Me?

Why Cant I See You In Me

You are strong,

You are smart,

You are unique,

You are kind,

You are talented,

You are love,

You are joy.

You are energetic and full of life.

You are your own color of mocha,

Shade of dark, tanned bronze and brown.

 Why can’t I see you in me?

In this unfair world, they don’t see you the way I see you.

All the colors are not accepted, especially in a country of white privilege, and they look down on you.

While brown and black are beautiful to you,

others see it’s ugly and repulsive.

While your energy is always high it’s too much for others.

While you see the good in everyone, others are unreasonable, selfish and self centered.

They can’t see you so why should I see you in me?

I am strong,

I am resilient,

I am unique,

I am kind,

I am giving,

I am talented,

I am powerful,

I am courageous,

I am loving,

I am joyful,

I am intelligent,

I am beautiful,

I am not a victim.

My positive energy is infectious;

My laughter fills a room with happiness.

I accept my skin and color as my own.

As the bright rays of sunshine hit me, my melanin flows through me, making my skin more beautiful and darker than ever.

God Bless the black woman; if I feel this way, imagine her every day.

Does her blackness offend you?

Because I will always stand with her.

I can only change me and my reactions so I forgive those who don’t accept me.

I will break free and one day, soon, I will see you in me again…

I will be seen,

I will be heard,

I can and I will see you in me.

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