Why Can’t I Stop Overeating?

Why Cant I Stop Overeating

We’ve been told for years what we should or shouldn’t be eating – knowing what we should or shouldn’t eat in any given moment is sooo not the problem. All the information in the world about what we should or shouldn’t eat does nothing to help change our patterns of behavior around food because we can’t make ourselves stick to those rules and just end up feeling like crap, or like we just keep failing.

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And we certainly spend enough time asking ourselves “why do I keep doing this?!” but rarely do the digging required to actually uncover the answer so we can learn to stop.

But that’s the key. That’s where the power to actually change it, lies. Understanding WHY we can’t seem to make ourselves stop eating the things we think we should be more consistently and changing all those things going on in our heads that’s driving it all is the answer.

We’re born into bodies that know when they’re hungry, they know when they’re sufficiently full, they know what makes them feel their best and they send us signals accordingly.

I cannot possibly drive this point home hard enough – your body WANTS to feel its best. The problem is, our brains take over the decision making for our bodies and write all kinds of stories that drive all kinds of destructive behaviors.

Our bodies don’t want to overeat things that make them feel like crap.

Your brain is driving those choices simply because it’s gotten wired with certain patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.

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The Answer

If this sounds like you, the first question to ask is, am I even able recognize my hunger and fullness cues? Do I know when I’m physically hungry, do I know when I’m physically full? Can I recognize when I’m getting full when I’m eating.

Start there, because if you’re so tuned out from the signals your body is sending that you don’t really know the answers to those questions, you need to learn to hear those.

You need body connection so you can hear and understand its signals and you need way more awareness of not only your thoughts, but yourself.

Then start noticing your thoughts around food.

Are they rooted in fear and scarcity? For example, thoughts of “this food is unhealthy and bad & shouldn’t eat it” or while you’re eating, are you trying to stop yourself with thoughts like, “stop eating already, this is bad, you shouldn’t be eating this, you’ve had enough” etc.

Are they rooted in criticism and judgment over the way you’re eating? For example, do you often think things like, “you’re so stupid, why’d you eat that? You always do this, you always screw up!”

That’s a big part of the problem because our thoughts create beliefs and both thoughts and beliefs drive our behaviors.

So, overeating is being driven by the brain (not addictions of the body, as many would have you believe).

That’s why all the external things we try to do to stop it, don’t work, AND why awareness of the things going on in your brain is the key to changing it all.


Awareness gives you the chance to be aware of both conscious and subconscious things going on in your mind that are driving (almost uncontrollably) the reasons why you struggle to listen, or even care enough to listen, to your body because again, your body wants to feel good. It’s trying to tell you what it needs, your brain is just overriding with all those thoughts.

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Awareness is key because without it, you cannot change those things. With it, you have the power to change literally everything – not just the way you eat but the way you experience life.

Wouldn’t you just love to be able to trust your body and eat and live without always thinking or worrying about food and trying to micromanage and control your intake? Wouldn’t you love to just be able to eat and enjoy a small slice of birthday cake and not feel guilty or even sick because you ate too much of it? Wouldn’t you love to not have those all-consuming thoughts about food in your head all day every day? Wouldn’t you love to stop feeling like you’re always trying to willpower your way through life?

You CAN.

This is how my Cognitive Eating Academy clients learn to eat and live. It’s what has changed everything for me, and does for them.

With awareness comes trust, love, connection and kindness and a food world built upon those things is a beautiful thing.

Written by: Roni Davis
Originally appeared ronidavis.com 
Podcast - https://spoti.fi/3m31acl 
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Why Can't I Stop Overeating?
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