To the Moon and never back, It’s 2:45 A.M., in the morning; I was awakened by or switched on by my conscious thoughts and now I’m lying on my bed with my eyes wide open gazing at the sky from my window and unthinkingly thinking ‘I’m such a look at the moon person’, Aren’t I?
Why don’t you sleep at night? Nights are made for sleep, Don’t you know? And why do you love darkness or night more than lights? I was questioned by many people in my life and they all ask the same question. So, in that case, I have a confession to make. ‘I’m a nyctophiliac’, who’re they? The nyctophiliac is someone who has a condition called nyctophilia.
So, why being nyctophiliac is a blessing? Or why I consider this condition as a blessing?
I love nights, I like to stay up so late at night because those hours at night are so quiet, so calm, so comfortable, so silent, it’s like no one’s around, just you and the silent night, like you’re sitting on the roof top with a cup of coffee gazing at the stars trying to make all the constellations you can, sometimes I look at the stars and try to connect all the dots to form a beautiful picture of my love and believe me it appears as the most beautiful picture you’ll ever come across, sometimes I wish to sit outside with someone and talk all night or play music for her all night, dance beneath the Moon and stars with her and sometimes I have a peaceful conversation with the Moon, the Moon who knows everything; all your stories, all your pain, all your aches, your all forgotten memories or sometimes not so forgotten, because only it knows that just like it, I too have gone through many phases. I love Moon as it’s light lighten up my empty soul thoroughly. If you’ll ever feel lonely just look up at the Moon and think that somewhere someone is looking at the same Moon and who knows maybe in the same way…
Lights are easy to fall in love and most of the people love doing easy things, so instead try to fall in love with nights or the darkness; it just consumes the entire you, there are so many things to see, to feel at night like moonlight, fireflies, stars, it’s like you’re dreaming with your eyes open. Nights are so pure, more intense, nights are not endure it’s just a blessing, blessing to those who enjoy it.
Being nyctophilia is like you’re asleep and awake at the very same time, it’s like you’re sleeping in arms of the Moon with open eyes and awake in your own thoughts, in those pure thoughts.
Well, there’s something unspoken about the dark, something that can never be defined thoroughly…Well, the things of nights/darkness cannot be explained in the daylight as those things don’t exist in the day.
“Nights are dark, darkness is magic, magic is love, love is solitude, solitude is peace and peace is essential to live”.

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  1. At laast someone who understand that feeling, it’s great to feel that actually there is someone out there that find the same peace in long nights , im in love with long nights , sitting under the moon light, night clouds , stars , or driving in the highway in the dark with a specific music and think in everything and nothing at the same time

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