Who you share your weaknesses with

 August 18, 2015

Who you share your weaknesses with

Has it happened with you too ? you shared something with someone in the flow of a conversation and later regretted you hadn’t. This happens – has happened with me. And now I am selective of the things I share with many. It’s good to be an open book, but it’s better to be guarded too. You never know who you are talking too.
What are your thoughts on this ?


16 comments on “Who you share your weaknesses with

  1. Yes. It is true that the crafty people operated by lower self often try to exploit the personal discussion and even try to fall other in trap also. This treacherous techniques are generally used by people ugly disturbed and frustrated people and they often enjoy and relish the situations created by him or her. It is also observed that highly self centered with a attitude of selfishness initiate such things. People with sadistic view of life also encourage such things.

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