Who You Are

Who You Are

If Ever I Never
I never knew I’d find you

While still searching for myself
If ever I never remind you

You saw me like no one else
I never felt the way I do

Everytime I’m near around you
If ever I never tell you I do

I can’t imagine then with who
I never dreamed I could be new

Truly, believing hope was through
If ever I never am new

I am each time I look at you.

–  Facepoet by Michael Hodder

Did you spare yourself some kindness this morning as the first thoughts of the day welcomed you to another day, chapter or journey? Will you dance/sing? Or perhaps you’ll show and sell? Maybe you’ll keep writing while also creating more stories to tell? Who are you in these very first few moments of each day? I’m not asking you to open your eyes just yet, because it doesn’t matter where you might be or whether anyone is beside you. That ain’t you.

Take it easy, breathe first and be born again, those yesterday’s are gone. You’ll never forget them and they’ll only be a part of today as much as you allow. Don’t stop being here or thinking about tomorrow, again yesterday is gone. What are you doing today to make it better than yesterday?

I’m currently aboard a paddle boat tour of the Cumberland River in Nashville Tennessee as a “party of one” writing this as easily as the boat and music promotes itself forward towards its goal and destination. As much as I intentioned to write this chapter yesterday, it simply never became. However a conversation with someone physically waking up in another time zone prior to boarding and the atmosphere created here created this now.

I share that with you only to help you be in your now. I’m not selling you riverboat cruises or anything else. I’m just trying to encourage you to find yourself. The world will wait and if it can’t then it will have to survive without you. Who you are is what makes the world, the world doesn’t make you. You also create you.

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