Who Would You Give Your Seat To And Why

Who would you give your seat to and why

Who would you give your seat to and why?

11 thoughts on “Who Would You Give Your Seat To And Why”

  1. A pregnant will be priority at tht tme of mine… cause she is not single…2 jaan she is carrying

  2. The pregnant woman who has no support. Others have crutches or walking stick and the lady with child cannot sit with a restless child

  3. I will give my seat to all four. If you want to to choose one,it will be number one,the elderly. And I will stand beside number 2 and 3. Ready to give support if needed.

  4. The woman with her baby. Because while travelling in the bus she need to take care of herself and the baby. And the remaining people i will take care of them by standing give support to them

  5. I would give my seat to 2 bcz she is heavy with child and women who r pregnant need extra care and support…as much as all are in need I would give it to number 2

  6. I’d give my seat to number one because I was always taught to respect the elderly. My second choice (the close second) would be number two. Being pregnant is a lot of work and it would be hard to travel, especially in public transportation. Number there’s crutch is obviously too small and therefore he/she is faking. Number four does not need a seat as badly as any of the others (if number three’s injury were real) so she would not be given my seat.

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