Who Would You Choose?

Who Would You Choose

Who would you choose? The one whom you love or the one who loves you?

Imagine you are riding on a bicycle.
Also, imagine that you are riding in a sports car.
What would you rather have? Bicycle or sports car?
The bicycle is the one that loves you, while the sports car is the one you love.

Sports car brings you joy and it feels comfortable whenever you’re in there. It feeds your ego and self-satisfaction. There is so much happiness being with the one you love!
But you can’t use it on any road, especially if the road is uneven, narrow, full of potholes and mud. Because you are afraid it to become dirty and lose its quality and fancy look. Plus, you are afraid to leave it anywhere because there are a lot of bad people around, waiting for their chance to steal it from you.

On the other hand, the bicycle is very convenient for you. You can use it anywhere, it can even run on a very narrow road. You can go anywhere comfortably, and with peace of mind that if ever it gets dirty, you can just wipe it out. It fits on you. 

The sports car is the one that you ever dreamt of having, but you can’t be yourself because you are afraid to lose it. You are happy to have it, but your mind is full of anxiety and doubt that you might lose it.
The bicycle is what you already have and you can go anywhere with it. 
In the sports car, you may love the car, but not the journey.

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