Who did that to you ?

Who did that to you ?

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  1. Too many to count at this point but this last one almost cost me my sanity and my very life. I'm eternally grateful to anyone who has offered me support or who has tried to help me throughout the years. They tell me that I've been hurt so many times and so badly by those I have put my trust in that I'm incredibly damaged to the point of not having any idea of who I can trust or who I can't. When you've been told on a regular basis by the people you love that your crazy, imagining things, that your emotions and opinions don't matter and you have been treated like you're worthless, ugly or just as an object that's only good for sexual gratification, you start to believe those very things about yourself.

  2. I let it happen, realizing that was the first step and I've been on fire for me ever since…it doesn't matter who, as a child we don't have a choice but we have control as an adult…you just have to take that control…love yourself first and always never in a selfish way…demand respect. Treat yourself like you want others to treat you and never settle for less than that… Take control, don't be a victim to something we have allowed to happen by not walking away or standing up to it.

  3. My Dad first. How can I say he's to blame but that it wasn't his fault? Purple Heart Vet amongst other awards. He just went to work,then to a bar,then to a chair in the corner of our kitchen. Hardly spoke. Honorable Discharge from the Army. Forever disabled from my family. WWII Vet. He was gone way before PTSD was a diagnosis. Our family was deeply affected. I lost him before I knew him. I had no idea how to talk to a man. Only to love from a distance. Never told anyone what I just told thousands.

    1. Respect and love to you and your family.
      Thanks for sharing your Mind with us. Really appreciate that. Its my pleasure to know you and have you here among us. I have always found Sharing so much better. Had so much to share, so much to talk about – and when I couldnt find the right listeners around. Here it is. It adds, doesn't it ? When you know someone feels the same, or that my story isn't different. Makes my heart so strong – Gives me a reason to live again. Loads of love to you <3

  4. sometimes people who care and help you are the ones who hurt you…although their intentions are good somethimes it's just wrong timing especially when they know not you are going through a lot that you are so emotional and sensitive enough that their good deeds makes you feel so embarassed…( btw, can you refrain using the F word it's not nice reading F and S word…just saying).

  5. I have working on that for a long time… some days I can trust and be open and other days I revert back to closing my heart to all. It is a daily struggle with myself but more good days now.

  6. I guess more than blaming someone else in answering the question, we should really read the question again.
    Is it really someone else who fucks up with us. Or are we too weak to control our emotions. Isn't our mind a filter of everything that enters our heart. Why did we let it happen. Why did we let the person fuck us so badly? Why didn't we stop ourselves? Why didn't we realize it earlier that we are a victim to Mental and emotional trauma?
    You can run as much as you want blaming them for the wrong they did, but you were equally wrong when you let them continue.
    The answer always lies within.

    1. When I first started reading your comment I was in defense of what you write. But you're absolutely right. You are just as guilty if you let it continue to break you down. You have a responsibility to yourself – but it's not always easy to see that one has that responsibility until one has reached a certain point in life. Often this is afterwards, when one actually understands what is happening. It's not always one knows that one is being treated wrong, or that one has the right to break from it. Unfortunately.

      We all work in our own way, with our own thoughts, our upbringing, emotions etc. I hope anyone who has experienced anything like this, or ever end up in a situation like this will be able to break away from the abuse and live life in it's beauty as it's supposed to be.

      We have to love each other and be kind to each other. After all we are all humans who needs to be loved and treated right ๐Ÿ™‚ <3

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