Who Am I ? – Mind Talk

Who Am I ? - Mind Talk

Who Am I….?

Has this question ever hounded you? I have been asking this question for decades now and discovered the answer to it in the recent past.

Are you a Mom, Dad? Are you a name – Amit, Rupa, Steve, John, Abdul? Are you a Businessman or a CEO? Are you a Brother, Sister? Who are you? There are endless classifications, categories that you can place yourself within but is that really you?

You are really none of the above but all of those. This is not the answer. The above are only roles we play in our daily life. Our mind takes over between the roles and helps us switch to each of them and acts/reacts accordingly and most roles are played automatically. Assume there are two kids in your house playing, one is yours and the other a neighbour’s kid and both break something in your house. Your reaction to both will be different because your mind tells you that one kid is yours and the other is not.

Who Am I…?

The answer to this question is that you are a “flowing being at your stillness”. What did I just say? It is quite simple really and I will explain it.

First of all let us differentiate between stillness and static in context of my words to avoid ambiguity. Stillness is a State of Being, it is when your being is connected with the Universal Flow and your center feels at peace, aware. You feel unlimited – potential, love, giving, compassion, kindness and energy.

Static is an empty vessel, where you feel depressed, sad, directionless because you feel limited, negative and frustrated as a result. Your vision narrows and you cannot see or feel anything but the negative.

Most Suicides are the outcome of such a Static State.

YOU are life and life is flowing.

It is not Static.

The Discovery of who you are begins with first discovering the stillness within you leading to momentary awareness rather than automatic reactions. Once you have discovered the state of “flowing” then you need to analyse what triggers that state in your life by being aware of the events leading to that state which needs you to be aware of when you are in that State and what got you there?

Have you heard of the quote when dancers are told to “Become The Dance”. When the dancer looses himself/herself in the dance, she flows with stillness, it is a centered spontaneity coming from a state of non-limitation and so beautiful to watch.

“Become The Dance” and you will find Yourself.

Once you are able to do that, then to switch onto that state will be in your control and the ‘events’ that have led you to the flowing state will tell you ‘Who You Are’ and what makes you tick. Because that flowing is the result of being true to yourself and that is who you are as a Being.

Stillness, Awareness, Flowing.




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