White Thief – MY MIND TALK

Hail oh Mother Mary save me Underneath this fragile smile there’s bruises brutally planted by devils promising white peaced pearls I remember my innocence She was so pure Open to love No frame no walls But all that vanished with the vulture that lured me wearing a red velvet

This devil was so pure made me think they were for me Sang a song that sounded beautiful in my ears Now I’m drowning in this pool of blood I’m a fool I stayed when I should have left I misplaced my morals trying to prettify your haunted soul I lost myself too along the way I let you steal from me I saw you stealing my purity but I let you The tears are my friend somehow they see my pain I closely listen to my regrets singing painful harmonies

I hide underneath this pool of blood This sweet taste of blood conceals the anger you have left on my frame This blooded water makes me forget you ever took from me You thief

–  Zamangwevu Makasi

A series devoted to our readers. Does your Mind do a lot of thinking too ? Do you have questions to ask ? A Poem, A question, an article or any thought that wants to be shared. Pour them here. Click the Submit button and we will publish it on our Site. Why let that thought Sink ? Let it be free Write on.. 🙂 Let the Mind Talk Begin

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