Which Direction is Your Recovery Facing? Recovery from Relationships With Narcissists, Anti-Socials and Psychopaths

 October 16, 2018

Trauma does one of three things:

It stays stuck and is the same as day one no matter how long you have been out.

It worsens over time without treatment as it becomes an ingrained way of responding and relating.

Or it gets better with treatment.

Your trauma is in one of those three categories.  Are you a high identifying trauma-facing victim? Or has recovery started to take hold and you are a forward-facing solution-focused survivor who is not reexperiencing while reading something?

If you are high identification and reexperiencing you are stuck in a trauma-facing position. You need trauma treatment.  Once reexperiencing is managed, your recovery will become forward-facing, your brain freed up for solution-focused growth, and you will have taken good first steps to get your recovery moving forward.

Sandra L. Brown, MA ©  2016

The Institute for Relational Harm Reduction

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