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Where Im From

Where I’m from they put on a facade and throw dust in the eyes,

Where I’m from they have some sort of a pretentious disguise.

Where I’m from they are grounded to their roots while some serving fiends in cahoots,

Where I’m from knowledge is diverse and most people have a lot in pursuit.

Where I’m from most people know what’s right from wrong,

Yet some still get high whenever feeling low.

Where I’m from cold looks are exchanged,

But where I’m from intelligence carries more weight.

Cause after all beauty fades away with time but the intellect remains.

Where I’m from they live to inspire,

It’s where most people have zest for life,

Where most people burst a nut for better lives and aim to rise even higher.

-Panashe Kazembe


Panashe Kazembe

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