When You’re Afraid Of The Dark

When Youre Afraid Of The Dark

Ghosts, the Boogeyman, shadows on the wall, and dark corners of every room– are just some general spooks that everyone has throughout life. We all have our secret fear no other living soul knows about, no matter how much we say we aren’t scared of anything– especially the dark. I believe that it’s not the actual dark that’s frightening, but the unknown that could be lurking in the darkest places, waiting for you to be unaware or caught off guard.

Imagine being a little kid afraid of what’s under your bed, your parents check and tell you there’s nothing there. But you hear something rattling softly– like a baby rattle, with the plastic beads inside. It’s getting louder the farther your dad gets out the door, shutting it behind him and you open your mouth to call out to them, but it’s silent. Not a sound comes out, nothing but an excruciating silence that fills the room with more terror than before. The rattling abruptly stops; the room is so darkened, there aren’t even any shadows, since the moonlight wasn’t shining through the window. You look around and see nothing but darkness and the fear sets in hard. You hear the rattling quietly from under your bed again; but this time a shallow voice followed– sending a bone-chilling tingle down your spine, and every hair on your body raises instantly. You know that voice from another time period; before you were born.

You pull the blanket over your head and close your eyes. Silence again. You open your eyes and see through the sheet, shadows slowly moving overhead. Suddenly everything stops; your bed starts shaking and you can’t catch your breath. The sheets are ripped off you, the closet door swings open, wind gusts through the room and under the bed. Stillness. Darkness.

What really happens when the lights go out and there are no witnesses? You tell me.

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