How To Trust Your Gut And Stand Up For Yourself When Your Man Says You’re Overreacting

Trust Gut Stand Up For Yourself When Man Overreacting

The book explains that you must practice and perfect the skill of thin-slicing (taking in a very thin slice of information and making an accurate prediction or assessment) in order to instinctively eliminate confusing and unimportant incoming data that can lead to a bad decision (e.g., my fiancé’s charm, braggadocio and exciting personality caused me to discount the obvious fact that he was, in fact, a flagrant, lying dirt bag).

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A scumbag may fool your heart, but he can’t fool your ability to trust your gut.

Whenever your man says you’re overreacting or when a boyfriend tries to put you down, know this: A man’s discounting, dismissive, blaming statements are designed to make YOU doubt your ability to reason and understand a dysfunctional relationship.

Trust your inner knowing.

Don’t let a man or anyone talk you out of your feelings. Subconsciously you know the truth.

trust your gut

You suspect he’s lying. You did NOT misconstrue what he said.

You are NOT overreacting to manipulative, disparaging comments uttered by your man. You DID interpret his demeaning remarks correctly. You sense that he is shifting the blame to conceal his bad behaviour.

Written by Nancy Nichols 
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When Your Man Says You're Overreacting Think Again.
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