When You Think You’re Out Of Options

When You Think You're Out Of Options
Kathryn Hart

When you think you're out of options,
look to yourself and you will find
you had the solution
the whole time.


Tracy Spears Graber

All along,
she had what it took. <3


Ray Massey

If you can become
naked of your egoic mindset
and allow the inner monologue
of the negative self-talk to fade away;
You'll escape from the darkness within
the w/hole that you are trapped in.


Ceona Chambers

I'll strip myself bare
to create a new view,
rather than wallow in the dark
with only my tears to console me


Yuva Ranjini

Use the hurdles,
lies ahead you,
as your stepping stone!


Karthik Parthasarathy

Self-pity or survival,
Sadness over a bad present,
Or Hope for a better tomorrow,
Well, what's it going to be?
Whatever it is, it is within you.
Face up to the challenge,
Rise up to make yourself
a better tomorrow


Marcia Hill

Sometimes you have to hate your soul
and truly strip yourself of everything
holding you back to be happy.



Sherry Greene

When you find yourself in a hole
Do you crawl to a corner and hide,
Or do you choose a reckless abandon
And take an adventurous ride?
Let go of those inhibitions
And crawl up to the wild side!


Chanté Crisantes Garcia

Strip yourself of everything but your true self.
Use the other parts to build yourself up.
Crawl out of the hole of mediocrity
and into the light.


Amanda Thompson

Sometimes we have to bare all
in order to escape


Heather Horne-Hall

Strip yourself of material things
and you can be free.


Lily Adelaide Lovegood

We have to bare it all
for survival.


Faith Dunsmuir

Sometimes you have to bare all
in order to save yourself.

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