When You Naturally Have A Healing Aura

When you naturally have a healing aura, you attract a lot of damaged people, and having them in your life could drain your energy. A reminder that it is not your job to heal everyone that enters your life.

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  1. There’s nothing wrong in healing those who are in dire need of the very Purpose !! But our boundaries must be taken in consideration, if other’s vices are coming into play then we must backoff & not fall for any ‘moth syndrome’ as an activated Chiron will keep you wounded in attempt of healing such shard of their wounded psych ! Lessons do come hard way , if they are coming from the place of judgement & illusion ( truth away from portrayal) , let themselves be at that place we can’t save them since their karma needs to balance out

  2. lets say, out of a million possiblities/chances to happen in my life, i attracted a few..why not embrace them, heal if i can..allow them to come and allow them to go if its time. self preservation is ok from time to time..but never push people away..theres always a reason why we met certain types people, and our experiences/ learnings moves us to grow..