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When You Hurt The Zodiac Signs Feelings

When You Hurt The Zodiac Signs Feelings

When You Hurt The Zodiac Signs Feelings –

ARIES: Tells everyone what happened and gets freshly upset whenever people agree that you were out of line

TAURUS: Will forgive you as soon as you grovel sufficiently

GEMINI: Don’t you dare tell them you “didn’t mean it like that”

CANCER: Invites another friend over to cry together Midsommar-style

LEO: Focuses on making someone else feel better as a proxy

VIRGO: Clears their throat and presents their file of all your past wrongs

LIBRA: Briefly considers hurting you back & then feels even worse

SCORPIO: Vows never to give anyone the power to hurt them again, falls in love with someone new a week later

SAGITTARIUS: Cuts off your apology to say it’s not that deep!!! They’re over it!!!

CAPRICORN: Indulges in a quick wallow session and destroys the evidence after

AQUARIUS: Just walks away and keeps walking until they feel better

PISCES: Lights -> off. Sufjan playlist -> on.

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