When You Get To Know The Zodiac Signs

When You Get to Know the Zodiac Signs

When You Get to Know Them:

Aries: Laughs a lot and truly just a kid, they are very funny too

Taurus: Their hearts are 100% pure, kind and very trustworthy

Gemini: Psycho, they care too much about their look in front of people, but deep down they are white hearted

Cancer: Cries at almost everything and always has a reminder that says that people are not worth their time

Leo: Insecure, most loyal, big generous heart, funny, a shoulder to cry on and trustworthy

Virgo: They try so hard to push everyone to be better, over thinkers and always confused

Libra: Crazy, ditches everything because of their laziness, secretive, guts is their thing

Scorpio: Very sensitive, loves hard, deep, not as evil as they seem, has trust issues

Sagittarius: Loyal, kind, unique, fun, secretive and a bit sneaky

Capricorn: Funny, asshole, personality problems, not stable, hard workers

Aquarius: Cries a lot, big ego, don’t keep a secret, don’t share their secret hard workers

Pisces: Truly kids, sensitive, kind, big ego but loves fashion

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