When You Get To Know The Zodiac Signs

when you get to know the zodiac signs

When You Get To Know Them

Aries: Laughs a lot and they are funny too.

Taurus: They are pure souls, kind and very trustworthy.

Gemini: They care too much about their looks but deep down they are kind hearted.

Cancer: They cry at almost everything and always have a reminder on their phone that says people are not worth their time.

Leo: They can be insecure but they’re loyal, most generous, a shoulder to cry on and trust worthy.

Virgo: They overthink and are always confused but they also try to push everyone to be better human beings.

Libra: Sometimes they’re crazy, secretive and ditch everyone because of their laziness, but their gut feeling is their speciality.

Scorpio: They’re not as evil as they may seem. They can be sensitive and love deeply.

Sagittarius: They’re loyal, kind and fun but sometimes a bit sneaky.

Capricorn: They’re truly funny but not always stable and are mostly hard working people.

Aquarius: Cries A LOT, has a big ego and doesn’t keep a secret or shares their secrets.

Pisces: They’re sensitive, kind and love fashion but also have big egos.


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