When You Are Old And Bored

When your old and bored

When your old and bored and have no energy left to do the things you wanna do, your not gonna regret kissing that stranger at that concert or wasting all your money on that one night out or getting way too drunk at that party or acting way too desperate or way too silly or way too naive. Stop freaking out. Stop overthinking. Stop worrying. Stop regretting. Because it doesn’t matter and in a couple of years, not one single person on this planet will care.

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  1. This one I don't agree. Those impulsive moments can sometimes be the choices which cost us, cost others and when old we are not bored and we do have energy left to do things we want to do. We simply have not perhaps the other elements to follow through. We may not be physically capable or intellectually able. Perhaps, due to not having followed every impulse when young, but just enough, we have done it all and await the next challenge, impulse to present itself. If one kisses a stranger who turns out to be abusive or worse, a stalker; if one waste the rent money on that one night; if one gets so drunk and decides to drive killing themselves and others; being so drunk at a party a "train" is run on them or they do something which gets them in trouble with the law; if acting in desperation someone is taken advantage of or so naive someone follows someone else into something which leads them to do something illegal. How is it thought that none of these situations as outcomes won't be cause for regret, will not matter in a couple years and not one single person will matter. If only the baby conceived during several of these scenarios will no doubt be the single person who will in fact care. Or the parents/mother who wished some thinking, worrying and minimal care had been taken beforehand.

  2. Please guys….chill yaar. Noone cares. Noone remembers. Don't waste your life on predictable and routine. What a boring way to live. What a unimaginative way to die!

    ~ Urvashi Goja

  3. Sounds good in theory but a lot can go wrong in an impulsive moment that you could regret for the rest of your life. A little thought can go a long way. There is a saying if in doubt don't it. Most people are fortunate but a lot aren't when it comes to making decisions about what to do.

    1. Priya Kumar If you are stuck in overthinking it means that there is part of you which is not totally comfortable with whatever the decision to be made. In that case decide to do nothing, or at least not make a decision which All of you does not agree. Sometimes our overthinking is a way of that small voice trying to impress upon us we matter and we should not make decisions which deny it.

  4. Yes very realistic altitude of Gratitude of Supreme Devine Energy of lovely light from within to Infinity,
    It's journey from 0 to 0 ziro so I am always remains 0 not trying to become Hero,
    Yes I am in etrnal love with me from self sufficiency to self contentment to self Enlighten
    That's all ,
    Thanks everything for everything

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