Dead For 3 Years and No One Notices! – Lessons From The Joyce Vincent Story

Dead For 3 Years and No One Notices 3 Lessons From The Joyce Vincent Story

If your ego is too big and that you hold your grudge till your last breath, then one day you too may die alone like Joyce Vincent.

“Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die.” Malachy McCourt

One thing I’ve learned is that grudges benefit no one – neither in personal life nor in business. So, I make a conscious effort not to let petty things get in the way of showing my love and appreciation for those I care about.

I remember the time when my grandfather was bed-ridden due to cancer and was completely dependent on me and my mother. No matter how tough it was running errands for him while taking care of my disabled mother, at the end, I was proud of myself.

Yet, I felt guilty after his death thinking I could do more. But, I am happy that he knew before departing from the earth that I loved him.

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Nothing can be worse then people whom I love have left this world without knowing how I feel about them. So, I try my best to avoid social-distancing. I always prioritize my family and work as well as friends in different cities.

4. Inner healing is important 

As documented in “Dreams of Life” there was some speculation that Joyce had childhood issues. At a very young age, she had lost her mother that left her deeply affected. Some of her friends and acquaintances also highlighted that at times she expressed vulnerability and resisted seeking help from people. Again anecdotal information revealed that she was a victim of child abuse and domestic violence.

The chances are high that these experiences pushed her towards unhappiness and loneliness.

Most people have the deepest darkest core wound. It can be abandonment, betrayal, emotional abuse, rejection and so on. But, we fail to realize and heal it.

I have been through betrayal a couple of times. Although years have passed by, I couldn’t come to terms with it. Because I didn’t seek help.

The mysterious death of Joyce teaches us a lesson that it’s essential to examine and wash our wounds. It’s important for us to go for self-assessment and gain deep self-awareness.

We must know our strengths and eliminate our weaknesses by seeking help whether psychological, spiritual or any other. Because emotional wounds grow bigger with time. Healing is important to become happier. Here are

I believe there is no pain that we can’t overcome if we try.

“The only reason you are happy is that you choose to be happy. Happiness is a choice, and so is suffering.” – Miguel Angel Ruiz

Wrap up

Joyce Vincent could have been a popular singer, but her life ended in a very tragic way. It haunts me and I ponder how many people right at this moment are going through similar situations. 

Her story inspired me to take a new determination that I will treat others including strangers with love, kindness, and compassion.

Shockingly true but her death teaches us important life lessons.  Hopefully, you all pick a lesson to make your life better and this world a better place to live. 

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I pray that Joyce Vincent’s soul rests in peace.

What little gestures do show others that you care?

Read more about Joyce Vincent’s story, as the Telegraph reported it in 2006


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When You Are Dying And No One Notices - What You Can Learn From The Joyce Vincent Story
Dead For 3 Years and No One Notices 3 Lessons From The Joyce Vincent Story
Joyce Vincent

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