When We Use Our Souls The Way We Use Our Brain

When We Use Our Souls The Way We Use Our Brain

I often remember the famous quote “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence” of Nikola Tesla when I think of the manner in which the team of the Discovery Channel humiliated the Russian girl Natasha Demkina, acclaimed as “X-Ray Eyed Girl”, by refusing the possibility of her seeing the inner organs of people in the year 2004 in New York while cross-examining her instead of acknowledging it as a discovery of a sort, by asking her questions that she could have answered only had she been a medico – when she was hardly seventeen years old.

The people who interviewed her were actually so much pre-biased that anybody could, at all, possibly see with normal eyes what could be seen only through X-Rays on an X-Ray machine that they were bent upon discrediting her outright instead of finding out what was the secret behind her having such an inordinate ability.

It was not until she was once again cross-examined by Professor Yoshio Machi of the Department of Electronics at Tokyo Denki University gave her one more chance to demonstrate her prowess of seeing inner organs of the human body of other people and gave her a clean chit.

There is yet one more case of a similar nature of someone having the ability of doing calculations as fast as a computer as had been exhibited by Shakuntala Devi by having been able to calculate the 23rd root of a 201 digit long number just in 50 seconds (while even the Univac computer took 62 seconds to calculate the root of the same number) when she had been tested at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, USA in 1977 or by having multiplied 7,686,369,774,870 and 2,465,099,745,779 to have got the product 18,947,668,177,995,426,462,773,730 in just 28 seconds in the year 1980 in the UK.

The only way the 23rd root of such a large number could have been calculated was by Newton-Raphson method of numerical analysis and it was not, at all, possible for human brain to have reiterated the process to have calculated the 23rd root of such a large number while it involves several reiterations to find even the fifth root of a number, that too – without using any paper or pencil to note down anything.

Is it not amazing that the scientists never took any interest to find out how she could have calculated so fast even after having come to know that she had such a capability?

They never cared for even what Nikola had said of going for analysis of the non-physical phenomena also – instead of hankering after only physical phenomena.

Even today, scientists are keeping themselves away from making any such studies that could throw some light on such rare capabilities.

Anyway, I have been actively thinking of all the possibilities and the only thing that has struck me is that they may have been using their souls also as we use our brain. 

Both of them actually, knowingly or unknowingly, ought to have “tamed” their souls to assist them.

When Demkina may have been looking inside the human bodies of people who came to her with some complaints – she may have been prompting her soul to go and find out what was causing them any discomfort and tell her what it may have seen.

The same way, Shakuntala Devi may have been also asking her soul to keep in memory the intermediate results while doing such calculations – because it was unquestionably true that she had actually been able to do such calculations as fast as could have not been done without the help of a computer.

Not only Demkina and Shakuntala Devi, I have my own doubts that even Baba Vanga, the blind Bulgarian lady who could tell such startling things as the forty-fourth President of the USA was going to be an African-American as many as eleven years ahead of time even though she did not have any wherewithal to have carried out any opinion poll to have made such prophesy must have been taking help of her soul only in making her prophesies, most of which have rocked the world – how she could have made such predictions, at all.

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