When The Narcissist Is Left Alone


When Narcissist Is Left Alone

Have you ever dealt with a narcissist and their abuse? Have you ever encountered for yourself, how does a narcissist react to being alone? And most importantly, do narcissists like being alone?

I have a strong belief that people who treat others poorly and have no empathy or compassion for others, will be shown no compassion in later life when their looks are gone and all that is left is an empty shell.

We are always told to look on the inside, look at how someone treats others, look at their heart, and look at their soul. What’s on the outside doesn’t really matter. It’s the inside that counts. What’s on the inside of a narcissist? Nothing, zero, zilch.

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Do Narcissists Like Being Alone? What Happens When They’re Left Alone

They have spent their entire lives abusing others, knowing what they do and without a second thought for the pain that they inflict on others time and time again.

The narcissist is an immature, angry, volatile, and controlling individual. They spend their lives attempting to form relationships. Sadly, it’s not a partnership they are seeking but a dictatorship where they have all the power and control. Eventually, people get sick and tired of their behavior and abandon them.

When The Narcissist Is Left Alone
Can a narcissist live alone

A string of failed relationships adds to their already fragile self-ego. By bringing about their own abandonment as a result of their abusive and despicable behavior, they inflict upon themselves, a deep narcissistic injury. Somehow the narcissist will delude themselves into believing that their own self-destruction is someone else’s fault.

Much like a drug addict without their supply, the narcissist can’t cope when supplies become scarce and run out.

They become chronically depressed and angry and find no pleasure in anything. Things that they used to enjoy, no longer hold their interest. Their world has become hostile, their social life, non-existent. No one wants to be in their company for any length of time.

They often become a hermit, closed off from the outside world blaming everyone else for the situation that they find themselves in. The longer the lack of supply continues, the worse their insecurities and paranoia become.

The narcissist clings desperately to nothing. They may create fake profiles on social media in order to stalk people, people that they may never meet or talk to.

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Surfing the Internet may give them the opportunity to get a little attention from someone, from anyone. They’ve lost faith in themselves. They don’t like themselves and nobody else likes them either so they think, ‘What’s the point in being nice?’

Life gives back to them exactly what they deserve, loneliness, and isolation. Those who once cared are long gone.

The one thing that they never could control is time. As they move forward to eternity they have the knowledge that there is a final Judge and this time, it’s not them.

Want to know more about how does a narcissist react to being alone, and can a narcissist live alone? Check this video out below!

Do narcissists like being alone

Written by Anne McCrea
Originally appeared on Narcissist and Emotional Abuse
Printed with prior permission.
When The Narcissist Is Left Alone
Do narcissists like being alone
When The Narcissist Is Left Alone Pin
When the narcissist is alone
When Narcissist Is Left Alone pin
When The Narcissist Is Left Alone pin

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  1. Deivid Pereira Avatar
    Deivid Pereira

    Well, first of all I ask for forgiveness for taking our time to make a pessimist critic. But as a psychologist, I have some things to point out.
    First of all, I found a lacking of empathy for those who suffers in their narcisistic behvior. There is not a single person in the world that is perfect (as the patterns would create perfection, or your own belief of that). Everyone is under transformation, you take it as neuroplasticity, as other people commented, or you just as the singularity of a individual as it is. By that, I mean that we always have something to work on ourselves, and for that we should care for each other instead making it harder.
    The society we live on, internationally connected by all social network, is made up to be a attention claimer, and it’s nothing but a natural behavior. Some of us got many problems envoving this and the personality made by it, we should only be aware of that and understand when someone “wrong us”. Not saying that we must be punchbags, but it’s worth the thought.
    This post seems to be written in a raging way, blaming and attacking someone that crossed your way differently that you expected. But exposing the behavior as if it was an anomaly just sounds like an unloading pain that doesn’t look for anything but revenge.
    Again, sorry for the inconvenience of my writing and thank you for the attention. I wrote it in a feelingful way.

    1. Rena Avatar

      I was abused by a narcissist mother. She is never going to change. It is dangerous to tell victims nobody is perfect and everyone deserves more chances. She almost drove me to suicide. I live with these scars. She does not deserve an ounce of compassion. The fact that you are a “psychologist” saying this about narcs is why victims don’t bother seeking help. We are always on our own. We get zero chances.

      1. Tina Avatar

        Thank you for your honest comment. It took my waking out of a long term marriage to a narcissist to see I wasn’t the one at fault. I have no compassion left for him. His scars are deep in me. When your psychiatrist days to the narcissist. “Get off the pity party and see what you’ve done “, you know it wasn’t your fault.

    2. ‍♀️ Avatar

      You come off like a narcissist yaself smh

      1. Anonymous Avatar

        I have had one therapist tell me “I think you enjoy it”, & another tell me, very angrily, “You need to calm down” Like I have learned from reading material on NPD I treated that how I came to treat my narc husband, not wasting one more second explaining the basics of human decency to an adult. Anger, rudeness & rage all come from a lack of intelligence. I became a raving lunatic after years of abuse. Because I couldn’t make any sense out of my husband’s evil, etc…behavior I became a lunatic. Now I have learned that if someone could make me feel uncomfortable, angry or bad in any way that would make me turn into someone I do not like, I PAUSE, TAKE A DEEP BREATHE & PRAY SILENTLY. That’s the person I want my son’s to know as their mom. There is nothing I admire more than someone who can always keep their power & not give it away to someone intentionally hurting them. I will give joyfully to those who appreciate a kind heart and just turn away from those who do not.

    3. Maria Avatar

      As a supposed therapist – you should be careful of the idiocy you put out – all human beings should have a healthy degree of self love – narcissistic behavior however is not a healthy response to life. It is attitudes like yours that keep people in emotional prisons and emotional hell. Please review your text book.

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