6 Ways Life Is Changed Forever When A Woman Travels Alone


6 Ways Life Is Changed Forever When A Woman Travels Alone

Travelling alone will be the scariest, most liberating, life-changing experience of your life. If you are contemplating solo traveling, then read on to know how life is changed forever when a woman travels alone. 

Solo travelling is a risky business! So, think twice before you embark on your journey alone.

It’s gonna be an exhilarating experience. All those new experiences and encounters will change the way you think and live forever. Enlightenment will happen while you are out there all alone. 

Traveling alone will help a woman develop new skills, learn new cultures, think, feel and grow. She will embrace solitude become more assertive and resilient. Solo traveling will help her reevaluate her life and  change her perspective. Seeking adventures will become her way of living. 

When woman travels alone, she will become too empowered to focus on lavish Argentinian leather bags or BMWs. Because solo travelling has turn into a crippling addiction and now she values nothing more than experiences. So, scuba diving or trekking across mountains will appeal her more than binge-watching Netflix in her cozy apartment. 

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In short, a woman who travels alone will become too hard to impress and get. 

Here are six ways a woman’s life will be transformed if she decides to travel:

1. She’ll connect with people from all walks of life 

“Never talk to stranger….” is something that we were all told right from early years of our lives.

But a woman who travels alone will not take caution. She will meet amazing and wonderful people. She will just not care about the stranger danger. 

And what’s there to worry so much? All the friends, colleagues, and acquaintances she had once were at one point strangers. Isn’ it?

Some people give you happiness, some sorrow, some may inspire you while some may intrigue you and some may leave you shocked. Different people can cause different kinds of emotions. Interacting with people from different cultures is important for a woman travelling alone to widen her horizons. 

Travelling and exploring unknown lands will help her discover new paths, friends, mysteries and learn unsaid things about life. The more she travels alone the more her mind will open. 

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2. She’ll become a food lover

A woman who travels alone is sure to tantalize her taste buds with new and delicious food. Since she would not get home-made food during her trips, she will have to make tough meal choices making sure her health is not compromised. 

Her curiosity and travelling spirit will lead to all kinds of new tastes and aromas, therefore expanding her palette and mind. 

She will know the difference between mozzarella and cheddar cheese, and how an authentic Thai meal should taste like, and she can guide others on best cafes and restaurants.  

Even if she doesn’t cook, she will have a great opinion about curries, soups, desserts and everything she eats.

Before she knows it, she’ll find herself trying everything and experimenting with cuisines that are foreign to her. Whether she finishes her meal or not, at least she tried whatever catches her eye at first glance. She will end up as food lover craving old favourites and seeking out new foods all the time.

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3. She’ll prioritize experiences over possessions

When a woman travels solo, she encounters things she’s never seen, heard and felt before.  

Be it sunrise over Angkor Wat in Cambodia or a glimpse of an elf in Iceland, she will continue to immerse herself in incredible sights and experiences. 

She’ll avoid stuff that will not leave an impression on her mind, mundane or superficial things. So, if you gift her a diamond necklace, chances are high that she would sell that and splurge on plane tickets instead. 

Stilettos and purses will no longer lure her because she’s become a person who prioritizes experiences over materialistic things. Nothing can satiate her soul than travelling to far off places. 

4. She’ll no more be scared of the world

“The world is nasty”, “people are dangerous….” .are the kind of words we have been hearing right from kindergarten days.

But, woman who travels solo, realizes that the world isn’t that scary, after all. It’s an undeniable fact. There’s no telling how far she will go.

Meeting inspiring people and investing time in lifetime experiences, she will stop fearing the unknown. She will ignore stereotypes she once believed were true, learn to be kind to strangers, overcome self-doubt, trust people, relate to Bedouin in the desert or a Hmong tribeswoman in China and make some more powerful realizations. 


5. She’ll become stronger

Navigating the world solo, she will learn to solve her problems all alone. And that gives her enough strength to serve as the captain of the ship. Eventually, she’ll come out as a fearless, brave and unstoppable individual. 

Most incredible of all, she’ll stop seeking external validation as much as she did before. She’ll be the epitome of self-love – enjoying her own company and prioritizing only the most nurturing friendships and give in to desires that are entirely hers.

She will choose herself over anyone or anything else in this world. Because she loves and respects herself immensely. And that’s an out-of-the-world feeling.

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6. She’ll become fiercely independent 

A woman who travels alone will never come back. Habituated to take her own responsibility and manage everything single-handedly, she turns into a free spirit. She knows how to appreciate moments and people instead of things. 

As she realises how capable she is, it’s hard to tame her. She won’t seek your help or wait for your approval to make decisions of her life. Being self-sufficient, she will never rely on others for safety and security. Having no ties to anyone or anything, she will always look towards the horizon rather than to other people for her happiness.

Gaining a deeper perspective on life based on her solo travel experiences, she will change for the better.

But, she will never stop travelling for anyone or anything. She will never come back.

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