When saying YES to others, make sure you’re not saying No to yourself

When saying YES to others,make sure you're not saying No to yourself

Bharti Tudu 
When saying YES to others, 
make sure you’re not saying 
NO to yourself.


 Donna White 
Speak the voice that is the loudest


 Tracey Hughes
Self respect is important.
Never stay silent 
to keep someone else comfortable.
 Rinku Shah
Say what you feel,
It’s your life not a reel.
Say what you mean,
Let your true self be seen.
Don’t be afraid to say No,
Lead the crowd not follow.
To please people don’t say Yes,
You are enough and not less.
Be kind…
Speak your mind!


 Erna Duspara
Yes? …No?…Yes?
what it’s gonna be?
Too many decisions
weighing heavy on me.
Do I say it out loud?
or keep it all inside?
My brain is over thinking
I no longer want to hide.


 Karthik Parthasarathy 
Never say Yes,
when your mind says No.
Where will it lead you,
You may never know.
Never the right instance,
to go with the flow.
Might ultimately end up,
with a tale of misery and woe.


 Rinku Shah
You pushed me away,
When you wanted me to stay.
You say Yes when you mean No,
Not easy to go with the flow.
Your inner voice…
The words you say are a choice.
Speak what you think,
Thoughts and words are a necessary link.
Be in SYNC!
 Sulekha Pande
Emotional tug of war,
my mind wanders far,
in the eternal fight between,
my mind and my heart,
I could never mean,
what I say, and never say,
what I mean


Jaimie Mazzone
Survival is a part of human nature. 
Logic will tell you No to keep you safe. 
But sometimes survival is really saying Yes 
to truly feel alive.
 Anindya J Ganguly
In the den of a brooding saint
Though the mind refuses
To surrender or give consent
A tired being gives in anyway
Acting against the will
Of his rational self


 Nancy Shurkoff 
My mind tells me “NO,” loud and clear. 
Yet I whisper a soft “yes” for you, my dear.


 Karthik Parthasarathy 
Don’t say Yes, 
when you have to say No.

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