What To Do When Your Partner Shuts You Out (4 Suggestions)

What To Do When Your Partner Shuts You Out

Defense mechanisms are normal and necessary. Yet, when a partner is highly defended and is unable to entertain the uncomfortable and painful emotions, such as insight, introspection, empathy, and sincere remorse, it may be a sign he or she is incapable of resolving conflict productively. Each individual knee-deep in the conflict needs to own their part, say sorry, and attempt to repair the damage. If an individual does not sincerely embody these capabilities, it may be a sign the relationship needs professional guidance.


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Written By Erin Leonard

Originally Appeared In Psychology Today

When your partner shuts you out, it can naturally feel very frustrating. But instead of getting upset about it, try to approach the problem with a calm head, and take one step at a time. Try to understand your partner, and where the problem actually lies. Be patient and calm, and you will see your partner slowly opening up to you.


If you want to know more about what you can do when your partner shuts you out, then check this video out below:


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