When Life Moved On Like A Simple Song!

Do you remember

Do you remember, when life moved on like a simple song,

For we failed to realise then, that it won’t last too long;

In the fast-paced life nowadays, gone are the merry months of spring;

As we yearn for the joyful sparkles of happiness, created by the simple things,

Having made our life’s journey, into a race with each passing moment,

Also ignoring our loved ones, for false pride & thinking of them as opponent;

Don’t know how far we shall go on & let ourselves, to remain as fools,

Fathom the fact, as power-hungry ones are dividing and using us, as tools;

It’s high time, to awaken the forgotten beauty of the human heart & be full of life,

Let’s strengthen and hold on to each other and live life without strife!
-Aneet Mahajan

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