When I Was Little I Found A Mask

When I was little I found a mask.

“When I was little I found a mask. It was made of all the little things I loved about others. I put it on, and suddenly people were drawn to me. So I decided to keep wearing it. Now I have worn it for so long, that I struggle to remember the little things I loved about Myself.”
– Unknown

14 thoughts on “When I Was Little I Found A Mask”

  1. Avatar of Leeann Haynie

    Brilliantly stated…. and we wonder why marriage fails n families torn apart.
    It takes action/reaction/effort from both sides though.
    1- really see the other in realistic not fantasy light despite the mask they attempt to keep wearing (few can do this long term & true colors Not be seen- we are in denial/hope or not being observant.

    2- really be willing to remove our own mask & become vulnerable & authentic in that discomfort of a manority that vastly differs from the majority! .

  2. Avatar of Siddharth Khetan

    And then when you try to throw that mask away people won't recognize you. And somehow, that's the best part. You get to know the ones who really cared about you and not just your face

  3. Avatar of Marie Marie

    So true, kids like pleasing their parents, working hard at school for their parents and not for themselves, pleasing the other is a big issue. Why not being oneself….

    1. Avatar of The Minds Journal

      He's doing this, hes doing that. I should better speed up or left behind… all these are real issues. They might not like that basketball game – But they would still put that basket ball mask and try pleasing others – to catch that trend. This is sickening. The Mask has to be pulled down or we all will end up looking the same

  4. Avatar of Debra Gutierrez

    That's why ppl need to be who they really are. Nothing like being introduced to all the unreal things when the mask falls off! Bad for the ppl that thought they knew you, and Sad that you never knew who you really could be

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