When Dreaming Is The Drug, Vision\’s Your Only Cure!

It is not easy to dream and it can be very challenging to fulfill your dreams when what you have for a dream is so big and extraordinary, when what you aspire for is so much bigger than all you are and all that is around you, when dreaming is a mild foolish action of the hopeful ignorants, when you realize that having a life is never about dreaming of one, and when you are consciously protecting your sense of peace, when dreaming feeds on your enlightenment and awareness… it is not easy to dream.

It is rather dangerous to dream.

Dreaming can be manipulating, confusing and lucidly tempting.

Dreaming mutates your senses.

Dreaming feeds on your possibilities and diverts you from your realities.

Dreaming tricks you and trips you away from what would realize your dreams…
A Vision!!

Have a vision, not a dream,
Be a visionary, not a dreamer…

Dreams are personal,
Visions are universal…

Dreams are foggy and cloudy,
Visions are sharp and clear…
(may be a blur but never in despair)

When dreaming is the drug, Vision’s your only cure!

A vision is the road map to the maze of your dreamy heart and wishful mind.

Have a vision and change the world rather than only dreaming for yourself!!



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