Dear Woman, For When You’re Tired of Being Strong All The Time

Dear Woman, For When You’re Tired of Being Strong All The Time


3. You give, but never ask for anything in return

Giving comes naturally to you. As you have so much to offer, you never refrain from giving others from your heart and soul. But you never ask anything in return from anyone because you are a natural giver. And this is what makes it hard for you. Everyone believes that you don’t need anything because you are always giving.



4. You never ask for love from others

A strong woman is someone who never begs for love. It never made sense to you. And that’s how it should be. The love you have for yourself is always enough to make you feel complete. However, we also need to experience love from another person who will treat us in a special way and make us feel valued.

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5. You don’t receive the care you need

Being strong and not needing others to love and care about you are not the same thing. Sadly, your inner strength makes the people in your life forget that you have emotions too and need to be cared for. So they rarely show you the love and care you deserve.


6. You don’t seek emotional security 

Not even when you need it. You were never like other girls who looked for emotional stability and security from others. As you continually observe and analyze the people around you, you can never fully trust them. You feel like you never really know what a person truly is like as you don’t allow yourself to trust others.


What you need to be strong again

The strength is already inside you. But it has drained you of all your mental and emotional energy. What you need now is someone to heal you. Granted that you can take care of yourself pretty well, the truth is, you someone to take care of you. Someone who will listen to you. Someone with whom you will be comfortable with to share all that you’re holding inside. Someone to hold your hand and tell you that things will get better. Someone who will be there for you when you fall and pick you up. Someone who will love you and accept you even at your worst. The truth is, strong women need love too.

Of course, this person doesn’t necessarily have to be a romantic partner. It can also be a friend or a family member. It just has to be someone who will accept you and love you unconditionally. Being strong doesn’t have to mean that you don’t need anyone by your side. 

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Love is what makes you stronger

Feeling overwhelmed or vulnerable doesn’t make you weak. It makes you human. We all feel different emotions at times and it’s okay if you’re not your strongest self all the time. Wanting someone to take care of you and love you is not wrong. You shouldn’t be ashamed of that. In fact, understanding and showing your emotions and being vulnerable takes a lot more strength than showing the world how badass you are. That is what a strong woman is.

Give yourself permission to feel all the emotions that you are feeling right now. Give yourself permission to feel tired and exhausted. And give yourself permission to seek love and ask for help. It will only make you stronger and happier.

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Dear Woman, For When You’re Tired of Being Strong All The Time

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