What’s On Your Mind Right Now?

What's On Your Mind Right Now?

What’s on your mind right now?

64 thoughts on “What’s On Your Mind Right Now?”

  1. If I'll ever feel as loved as I once did??? I always thought that once a love so pure n deep was achieved no trespass or sin could ever take it away. Now I don't know if it's fear of losing that pure love or if the creator has forgotten it altogether.

  2. please send me my copy of all the feed post from 2011 to present date . i want to write a storybook with all real life experiences some supernatural realms of life and some dreams and goals that are bigger than life that are beyond mankind possibilities and struggles i have so far overcome the obstacles challenges so maybe that will be a motivation for losers like me

  3. Everything and nothing all at once. Family. Wife and kids. Loss. Lessons learnt, lessons not understood. What's to come. What's not to come. Worries, stress. Happiness. It comes and goes.

  4. Advice and learning……. I seek both daily by watching life around me and asking certain people. I've learnt to look at opinions broadly but still saddened by people that believe they already know it all. I'll respect anybody with a different opinion to me, but not when they abuse me for mine. Something I still battle with, but working on it.

  5. About going to a foreign land for rest and also for closure after 31 years.

    About how I desperately need a good translator who is not afraid of telling very challenging things exactly as I need them to, to the people I need to have a serious talk with and even if its taboo in that culture.

    1. ha ha, great idea, sounds like a plan : )

      I'm very courageous now and I have experience with foreign lands.

      However, I've always said that there's a fine line between courageous and stupid and that I wasn't quite sure which one I was ; ) ha ha : )

      It's okay because I'm a chubby American woman with big milk jugs that were great for my babies.

      Now that I'm getting older, they are expanded enough to slam and knock out anyone who gives me any trouble! ha ha ha ha : )

  6. just woke up thinking my best DQ…wish we are together reassuring each other about the feelings we have for each other…and stop being TORPE because i miss him seryoso miss na miss….and also thinking the day we will be seeing each other again when i come back from vacation…am also thinking wether excited or fearful after more than a month not seeing each other.

  7. And I am thinking right now – When will all this work end and I will get some time to play. To sit alone and do lonely. The most ignored person is me, right now.

  8. i'll be honest, there's not a little. but not a lot. …a medium amount of things to think?
    There's business with family members that still needs patching up, need to get into the habit of keeping in regular contact, work is work with the fun of stingy customers to keep things 'interesting',
    my heart is stuck in a knot of fates red thread,wanting to let go, but its so difficult: I need to be on my game and-, to top it all off, hashbrowns. also Chappie. I hear its a good movie, but I haven't seen it yet. :T

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