What’s it for?

Your eyes are lit when they are closed, who’s this tryst in dreams after all?
What is this plunge of secrets you try to discover in your declaims of science, psychology, and spirit?
Is your drowning into books for staying afloat among your sorrows?
Your explanations for things makes no sense to me, But I often think they are for yourself then to me.
I have seen you with stars like I have seen you with no one before. What do they say to you to make you glow, is there a song never heard before?
Girl you kept away from love just to be deeply and madly in love someday. Is it ‘coz you didn’t realize someone worth your intensity?
I saw you were quiet, and then you busted like a magnum, what was that pain you tried to hide?
You smile as if you know the ultimate secret, what’s all these mysteries, the lips don’t speak of?
I love you, I love you, and I love you, but are you a love for one?
Passionate, intense, solid or strong no matter what, I want LOVE to celebrate the Light you are.
May be it is this how much I love you, again is there an answer?
By Vishwa O
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About The Author

I like myself as adventure seeking, fun and self discovering young idealist living in India who has discovered her passion for writing, and inspired to post some thoughts and insights. And wants to be a source aspiring to connect, disconnect and reconnect people, thoughts, attitudes, and insights in most empowering manner woven by words. On a flip side of this intensity there is love for food, music, spas, travelling, talking to unknown people, wandering, spontaneity, hugs, smiles, and pretty much looking forward to great things in this journey called MY LIFE….