What’s Your Favorite Flower ?


What’s Your Favorite Flower ?

What’s your favorite flower?
Okay. Why?
Cause they’re free, wild
and you can’t buy them.

17 responses to “What’s Your Favorite Flower ?”

  1. AgapΩ Avatar

    Sharing with <3

  2. Jyoti Agarwal Poddar Avatar

    Hahaha !!! I like red roses !!! My favourite flowers r roses!!! Even I like all flowers which comes from out of India also ,sooo unique n beautiful.I don’t know their names .

  3. Debra Pry Avatar

    I love wildflowers because they grow free and wild..but love white orchids and Jasmine <3

  4. Fabiana Zeitter Avatar

    Jasmines….so white, simple and perfumed….

  5. Sara Kareem Avatar

    Tea Linnéa Carsbrant hej

  6. Zahabia Q Afeef Avatar

    I like lotus the most, water lilies!!!!! ^_^

  7. Lynne Catubay Nozawa Avatar

    sensitive flower.. lots of thorn.. Red Rose.. Dandelions must be freedom.. and Water Lilies must be tears…

  8. Jennifer Sebits Avatar

    Just like me. ❤️

  9. Elvira B Jose Avatar

    ..i always love Roses !

  10. Sulekha Pande Avatar

    Lotus. Always been.

    1. Kara K Cox Avatar

      My daughters name <3

    2. Sulekha Pande Avatar

      That’s great. According to Hindu scriptures it’s THE most mysterious flower. Many of our gods are shown seated upon a lotus. It’s a flower that is divine. ??
      I am glad you named your daughter Lotus, may she grow to be beautiful, intelligent and just as loved by all.

  11. Cecile Vaughan Avatar

    Hannah reminds me of you xx

    1. Hannah Elizabeth Avatar

      Hahaha well, they are special

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