40 thoughts on “What’s the best way to heal a broken heart ?”

  1. Take all the time you need. And let your heart breathe everyday. Don’t hold back the pain. Cry in private. Drink water. Shower regularly .. there is healing in water. Take back your LOC.

  2. Just move 0n ,like have time to yourself, be busy do the things that you l0ve, go out with your family and frnds and have fun? its ok to cry but dont to it for too long ,theres a lot of wonderful things out there? everythings gonna be alright?

  3. Broken heart??? What happened?
    You want me to mend your broken heart???? Hehehe!!! I can drop by to see you if you want to…i’m just a call or a txt away…
    Well, healing a broken heart starts from oneself, though it takes time.
    Praying helps a lot (sharing through experience). Always remind yourself everything happens for a reason…there is more better blessings ahead of you…

  4. Put your head down to work for a while. Time passes easier without reminding. And of course everything that made you happy before, continue with it. It will start making you happy again. Time softens everything…

  5. If somebody is a broken hearted,he or she can be healed through love only.love to beloved is not only love,love to God is only true love n it is eternal.these type of people should keep The God in place of their beloved.they should see their beloved reflection in Gods face.slowly slowly they will forget their past n love for God will take place in their heart.love can not be destroyed ,it should be molded towards the another direction.just like we take left turn or right turn.when we drive.

  6. Love is like a river that flows. A broken heart is only the feeling one gets when the flow of love is stopped. When this happens, a river changes its course until it flows again. Self love is only misunderstanding what love is and how it works. Selflove is a cul-de-sac, a dam, asking the river to flow upstream, a short-circuit. It is asking love to love, how ridicule is that! Love is and the only way for it to be is to flow freely as it cannot be contained. When two love each other, loves flows from one to the other exiting its bed, regenerated by the other. When the flow stops, remember not to block it. There are many other way love can flow and it starts by freeing oneself from accepting only one way that no longer exists. To free oneself is the only way to let love flow and heal a broken heart. It is not easy but hang in there. Start with small things that help free yourself, imagine many different streams finding their ways out. Do things you like doing these are the small streams. After a while, these streams will consolidate into a big river. After having done all that can be done in one’s heart, there is a time for release and acceptance. Stop building dams and trying to go against the flow. Don’t become a narcissit eather if not the flower of course. Happy healing everyone. Be free of your own imposed limitations. True flow, free flow, is the only way and definitely not stering it in the same pot.

  7. Love yourself, time heals everything give it time.
    do not connect with the one who broke your heart.
    don’t wait for her, and the very special keep yourself busy in different activities.

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