Whatever The Road You Take Best

Ramya Raghuraman

Whatever the road you take best,
In the end,
you’ll eventually
be laid to rest.

Sarrvesh Waran

Travelling is my passion.
The road’s my blanket and bed.
For I feel like its my home.
That anywhere I can just roam.
Full of new things to see and learn.
Fulling the desires that I yearn.
I feel like this is me.
Other than this,
No other thing I wish to be.

Kim Qualey

Its not your fault,
it’s not my fault,
it’s the asphalt.

Tanu Malhotra

On this life path I may rest a while,
but I shall never give up.
I shall rise again
and resume from a pause..
For I am an explorer,
who’s interest is not in the destination,
but the track and the trek,
the blocks and the bumps,
overcome one at a time
each day, everyday.

Rinku Shah

Confessions of a traveler:
I felt most safe
when I had no roof over me
I could breathe free
From nothing I had to flee
So much to see
The magnificence
of the largest to the wee
My heart shouted in glee
Just be!

M Jeyaram

Sometimes, your path-breaking decisions
will take you to unimaginable places
where the blissful peace
your soul has been craving for
may be found abundantly.

Hrisha Paul

She struggled to find the path
just to realize she is the path.
And this is how her ever tired mind
finally dozed off peacefully.

Sadhana Jain

Let me rest for a while
I am tired by this journey of life
Let me cover myself
By the sheet of this road
To feel warmth of
Journey I have covered till now.

Karthik Parthasarathy

Long way to go,
Even if the going is slow.
Lovely things on the side,
Giving company on the ride,
Not the time to sleep yet,
Limited time is what we get,
Oh my friend, wake up and see,
Time to smell the coffee.

Lilibet Harper Cooper

I’m so tired
of being walked on


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