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What Your Preferred Tip Jar Says About Your Personality

best tip jar ideas

Tip jars have existed since the first bricks-and-mortar businesses. Some people will easily and generously tip, while others require a push. Tipping when purchasing products and services from digital shops and ecommerce stores is more challenging than physical businesses.

It would be best if you struck a delicate balance between being aggressive and allowing customers free will. It is a balancing act that many get wrong. Your site’s tip jar says much about your personality and communicates a particular message to your site’s visitors.

The following is what your tip jar may say about you: 

1. Funny Tip Jar

The best type of tip jar is one with a hilarious caption on or alongside it. People are more generous when they are smiling rather than when they are frowning. If you want to receive more tips at your business, whether physical or digital, you should try a funny tip jar.

There are many tip jar ideas to steal smiles while encouraging people to contribute. Such a tip jar says a lot about you, but it particularly alludes to your sense of humor. The ability to laugh and make others laugh is a crucial aspect of one’s personality.

Various tip jars will bring out a smile in even the darkest people. It is one of the best ways to get tips while showing your customers your sense of humor. 

2. Donation Tip Jar

Another tip jar idea is to ask people to contribute to a cause you find worthy. These may be serious causes like environmental conservation or helping people with disabilities. 

Getting Justin Bieber to stop singing is a cause that belongs to the funny tip jar. Such a tip jar says much about you, including that you are willing to forego personal gain for the benefit of others.

To have such compassion is a great personality trait, and customers will likely reward your kindness. Such donations may appear small, but they contribute to the bigger picture.

3. Pop Culture Tip Jar

Another form a tip jar could take is a pop-culture debate, especially one pertinent to the times. However, it could also be a pointless debate, for example, having jars for every member of the Avengers to see who is the most popular.

One way to keep improving as a person is to always keep learning, including about current issues. Some issues will carry a lot of significance, for example, the Federal Reserve raising interest rates, but others will be largely meaningless.

However, it could still create an interesting tip jar that makes money. A pop culture tip jar shows that you clearly understand social proof and will do whatever is necessary to improve your business. It is a crucial personality trait for business success. 

4. Artwork Tip Jar

A tip jar could also be a piece of artwork designed to make people contribute. There are endless ideas for such a jar and could include cutlery modified to look like hands reaching out or a movie-themed tip jar in the shape of a popular character.

Such artwork attracts attention and increases the chances of receiving tips, particularly if the artwork resonates with a lot of people. What an artistic tip jar says about your personality is that you are creative and can freely express yourself. It also shows that you are a risk-taker as it takes courage to create such a tip jar and ask people to make contributions to it. 

A tip jar symbolizes a practice deeply embedded into our society. Creating a tip jar takes creativity and determination, especially for online businesses. Whether your tip jar is funny, contributes to a cause, references pop culture, or is a piece of art, it says something about you. Consider what you want your tip jar to say about you.