What You Know And What You Feel


Your worst battle is between what you know and what you feel.

17 thoughts on “What You Know And What You Feel”

  1. Avatar of Terry D. Pickron

    …I wonder if the vast majority of problems could be caused from following the feelings instead of the intellect and a war or battle is won with strength and intellegence…and lost when feelings get in the way…

  2. Avatar of Shraddha Pathak

    True πŸ™‚ But I often ponder if there exists a pragmatic way to deal with this?? And then it apparently seems to me ( and i wonder if I am on the right track :)), that most of the problems arise when we consider this to be a 'battle or war'…rather than two opinions or options! 'Feeling' and 'Knowing', both are susceptible to variation, with time or circumstances. Our existence always evolves and changes, no matter how real or ultimate or absolute a feeling/ fact/ piece of knowledge appears to be! Consensus of heart and mind is never to be achieved until we practice the art of flexibility…in other words we try to accept things as they are..apply the law that Everything including our reasoning and emotions ARE BOUND TO CHANGE, so better not to make it a rigid battle! God is always there to solve such ambiguous situations πŸ™‚

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