What You Been Up To

What have you been up to? Just redesigning my DNA, freeing myself from ancestral trauma, mastering my soul lessons. You know… cultivating space for the abundant flow that I am. Giving thanks for it all!!!

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  • If our cells pass to our children our DNA that dose that mean if we are smarter and healthy
    That genetic DNA will make a better baby so if I had a kid at 16 and was a dumb brat the kids going be pretty much the same but then you can always reprogram yourself right .

  • i have been to the infinite stages of love so long time ago,so i thoughts that i was warrrior,sage,..etc..
    somehow,i built my spirits from nothin to the univers and to nothin,allll among the times that i could steal or rob to people,just like what they do and take their's lights,now i can creat after all these line-time
    don't blame on me cuz in my country,this sociaty is communism,so i can treats them ramdon ^^
    if your soul larger and mastering enoungh,you can make your imagetionring to the real world by creating a part of your soul (spirits deciding reality),sync with nature,univers with love makes your life more fun and easy,by the ways humans called it harder and poor,but your feelin'..
    that my story what i been up to now ^^

  • For me I make sure ask my Lord almighty don ever dare to allow that. Its not healthy n against universal n nature laws.

  • There is no evidence for any of that. Repeating something on a daily basis doesn't make it true.

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