16 Things Women Want From the Man in Their Lives

Things Women Want From Man

 13. Women want you to be assertive

Being shy is one thing, but not speaking up for your own needs is one of the biggest unattractive moves you can make. You need to be assertive if you wish your relationship to grow and thrive. However, most men feel like they can’t ask for something from women they are in a relationship with. But in reality, she wants you to. So go ahead and ask for that back massage. It is only by sharing your needs with each other and acting on them, you will be able to create a loving & caring relationship.

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14. Women want you to be independent

This can mean different things to different people, but most women want their man to be independent and self-reliant. Women desire men who can take care of themselves, take their own decisions, live by their principles and values and follow their dreams and passions. If you can be your own self in any situation and you are able to pay your bills, then she will respect you as a man.

15. Women want you to see them as equals

Women want their men to treat them as equals. They want a partner who respects them as equal partners and doesn’t try to dominate them or change them. They want a relationship where they are treated fairly and where they can speak openly. They do not want any special treatment from you but that doesn’t mean you will stop being chivalrous.

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16. Women want you to have a sense of humor

Ever heard of the phrase girls just want to have fun? Women may find the silent, brooding type men sexier, but what they really want is a man who can make them laugh. Sense of humor is a crucial criteria in attracting women. Being able to joke around and having the ability to laugh at yourself and at life is very appealing to them. When you can make her feel lighthearted and happy, she will be drawn to you. When she knows she can have a good time with you, she will want to spend more time with you. Laughter is one of the core pillars of a healthy relationship. 

Be yourself

We may not know exactly what women might actually want from men, but these are some of the traits that are compulsory for you to develop if you wish to attract a woman. You can develop these traits one at a time but make sure you are honest to yourself and not being fake just to pick up women. 

Look inside you and you will realize you are already the man any woman would like to fall in love with. You just need to hone certain aspects of your personality.

Here’s an interesting video on what women want from men:

The Secret Is Finally Out: This Is What Women Want From Men
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