What To Do When You Are Married But In Love With Someone Else

Married but In Love With Someone Else

There might be another incident where one spouse dislikes the neighborhood of their apartment and it’s evident from their reactions but the other spouse does not communicate with them well enough to understand the reasons behind their reactions.

This lack of communication eventually leads to ignorance. Nobody likes to get ignored, especially when you are ignored by your significant other. Lack of communication makes someone feel suffocated in the marriage and even when they are married, they fall in love with someone else who is willing to give them time, listen to them and understand their feelings, they are likely to fall in love with that someone else.

Now, what should you do when you are married but in love with someone else? This leads to our question: Is breaking away the only option?

The answer is straight and simple: No.

It might seem to someone that this is love but it’s not love. It’s a temporary closeness they are experiencing due to the lack of communication with their significant other and lack of romance in their life. It’s not ethical to cheat.

One cannot even assure that this other person will marry them and they will have their own happily ever after. Let’s think of the person’s character they are having an affair with too.

What kind of person will date someone who is married? Definitely, this person too will have evil intentions and cannot be trusted either. Hence, a married spouse cannot break away.

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But what can be done then? Staying in an unhappy marriage is not possible either. This brings us to the final question: Can it be mended?

Yes, marriage can be mended.

One must think about the positive things about their spouse and rule out the negative ones. Instead, one must start looking into the negative sides of the person they are dating. They should focus on their marriage and try to bridge the communication gap. They should sit with their spouses and talk about the issues they are having problems with.

It’s easy to jump from one relationship to another but it takes a lot to sustain a married relationship. Cheating and breaking away is not acceptable.

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