What To Do When You Are Married But In Love With Another Man

Now, let’s analyze the causes of a failed marriage.

Why on earth would a woman leave her man who she loved and got married to? There are some loopholes in a marriage that will make the wife unhappy and push her into turning towards other options.

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Possible causes are loneliness, lack of romance, lack of communication and ignorance.

After marriage, if the man engages himself in work too much and devotes no time to his family, the wife is bound to feel lonely.

The man here fails to make a distinction between his professional life and public life. The lady, therefore, feels ignored and seeks pleasure in other men.

Among the other things which force the wife to drift apart from her husband is the lack of romance. Romance needs to be alive for a marriage to sustain.

It doesn’t mean having sex at the end of the day. Romance can be like a surprise dinner date or a long drive where the couple will get to spend quality time on their own. The lack of spark will instigate the lady to find love somewhere else.

The communication problem is a major issue in failed marriages. Suppose the lady is going through a professional crisis and wants to talk to her husband about it but he’s too engrossed in his own life to give her time. She even fails to communicate to her husband that she needs him most at that point in time.

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There might be another incident where the lady dislikes the neighborhood of their apartment and it’s evident from her reactions but the husband does not communicate with her well enough to understand the reasons behind her reactions.

This lack of communication eventually leads to ignorance. Nobody likes to get ignored, especially when you are ignored by your significant other. Lack of communication makes the lady feel suffocated in the marriage and when she finds someone is willing to give her time, listen to her and understand her feelings, she is likely to fall in love with that man.

So, the lady falls in love with another man. Now what she’s supposed to do? This leads to our question: Is breaking away the only option?

The answer is straight and simple: No.

It might seem to the lady that this is love but it’s not love. It’s a temporary closeness she’s experiencing due to the lack of communication with her husband and lack of romance in her life. It’s not ethical to cheat.

One cannot even assure that this other man will marry her and they will have their own happily ever after. Let’s think of the man’s character too.

What kind of a man will date a woman who has a husband? Definitely, the man too will have evil intentions and cannot be trusted either. Hence, the lady cannot break away.

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