What To Do About Your Trauma

What To Do About Trauma
  • Don’t measure it—validate it.
  • Don’t minimize it—see it.
  • Own it by calling it what it is—a trauma.

You can’t heal what you don’t identify.

Process your feelings.

  • Identify what trauma is saying—talk back.

Trauma silently talks to us.

Learning this was eye-opening to me. I hadn’t been aware that trauma had built a negative mindset that whispered to me with every trigger.

All I knew was the basket case I turned into and the shame that followed over my seemingly unwarranted reaction (my measurement).

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I had to discover this invisible mindset and find the words that would silence the voice of trauma. It took a lot of processes. The process I went through the first time is in chapter eight of my first book.

Talking back to the trauma when I got triggered changed my life. Words are powerful. It took time to bring results but every time I talked back I gained ground.

  • Dealing with trauma can cause triggers—don’t do it alone.
  • Get help—there’s no shame in asking for help.

We need someone to enter our pain with us. To validate the pain and suffering along with us. This can be a trusted friend, a support group, a professional counsellor, or a life coach. I’ve received help from all of those and offer that same help to others.

Do you have the tendency to diminish your value? I did.

Shame says we’re not worthy of the love and compassion needed to heal.

Shame lies – you ARE worthy of love!

Dealing with your trauma will silence shame.


  • Let me come alongside and help you – schedule a free consultation.
  • Not ready to talk yet – get this book.
  • Have you addressed trauma in your life already? Share what helped you.

Written by: Danielle Bernock
Originally appeared on daniellebernock.com and is republished with permission.

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