What they don’t understand about Birthdays

What they don't understand about Birthdays

Tough job to balance the Act with the Numbers !
With this thought here, May I ask you all, to share my page on your walls. 🙂
Thanks a tonne


20 thoughts on “What they don’t understand about Birthdays”

  1. There's definitely a troll on here if he doesn't get off of here upon seeing this comment. He is one whether he's meaning to be or not. So, don't feed him.

    It's fine to disagree with someone's viewpoint. It's another to be totally disrespectful.

    1. No, Mr. Literally. People with imagination shortage, that is obviously you, never understand people with great spirit. My recommendation to you; join the army, or police,because, when they say "laugh", you laugh, when they say "sing", you sing. My tip will make your life easier. And, stay out of belletristic, and poetry.

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