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What The Zodiac Signs Do On A Lazy Sunday

What The Zodiac Signs Do On A Lazy Sunday

What The Zodiac Signs Do On A Lazy Sunday

ARIES: Chooses a random neighborhood to explore on foot

TAURUS: Sleeps in till 11 and finally ventures out to nap under the sun

GEMINI: Calls everyone in their contacts list just to catch up

CANCER: Marathons their favorite childhood movies in bed

LEO: Flops into a velvet chaise to binge-watch soap operas

VIRGO: Runs around the house fixing all the little things that were bothering them during the week

LIBRA: Puts down their book as soon as a friend texts to hang out

SCORPIO: Invites everyone over for an intimate four-course dinner

SAGITTARIUS: Spends all day pretending the weekend will last forever, but finally comes to terms with the truth around 11:30 pm

CAPRICORN: Might as well get a head start on my Monday itinerary

AQUARIUS: People watch all day without speaking to anybody

PISCES: Experiences a familiar malaise over the passage of time

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